ReSound OMNIA, Microphone & Receiver in the ear hearing aid

Microphone & Receiver-In-The-Ear (M&RIE)

  • Hear your best in noise

  • Enjoy sounds from all around you

  • Sound like yourself, hearing your own voice as you know it

  • Have crystal clear phone calls and direct streaming from your favorite devices

About this Type:

Reliable and convenient, the microphone & receiver-in-the-ear technology device has a lightweight feel and a flexible fit, and it is among our most popular systems. These systems are available for all types of treatable hearing loss and allow you to hear naturally for maximum ease and comfort.

Microphone & receiver-in-the-ear devices are optimized for reduced wind noise and feedback. You can hear sounds all around you with multidirectional targeting that helps you focus on what's important without losing context and situational awareness.

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